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Featuring individual curly filaments, this turf type ensures a faster game pace and improved infill stability for a consistent bounce. Not only does it excel in performance, but it also boasts enhanced aesthetics, with less noticeable infill material and vibrant court colors. Requiring less sand, it stands out for its low-maintenance advantage. Recommended for indoor courts, Textured Monofilament Artificial Turf delivers speed and a reliable bounce for an unparalleled playing experience.


Monofilament Artificial Turf: characterized by individual polyethylene monofilaments, this surface ensures durability, resilience, and high recovery. Ideal for slower-paced games, the sturdier fibers contribute to controlled ball speed. While requiring slightly more maintenance, the benefits of durability and resistance make it highly recommended for outdoor courts.


A specialized surface where fibers are meticulously arranged to form a net-like structure. This unique fiber composition facilitates a quicker game pace while effectively stabilizing the infill, ensuring a consistent bounce across the surface. Despite these advantages, it’s essential to note that fibrillated turf tends to have lower durability due to its finer fibers, making it more susceptible to wear. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent compactions and ensure the longevity of the turf. Recommended for indoor use.